How It Works - Selling Your Home Is As Easy As 1 2 3

    No Repairs - No Commissions - No Cleaning - Fast, Easy, & Simple

    This Is Our Hassle Free 3 Step Process

    1. Give us some information about the house you want to sell by filling out the form below. This way we can learn what we need in order to get you a great cash offer
    2. We will connect you with a local cash buyer who has all the knowledge about your area and present you with a fair cash offer for your house
    3. Let us know your timeline and we will set a closing date and take care of all of the paperwork, fees, and commissions.

    See....Easy As 1,2,3

    Now that you know the steps involved let's pull the curtain back on what takes place on our end (something the other companies don't want you to know).

    We only work with local real estate investors that come up with offers based on the numbers. No mythical numbers pulled out of thin air made generated by a computer or low ball offers to maximize profit. Real numbers that generate a fair cash offer for your home.

    So how does the process work?

    1. Say you decide that you want to sell your home for cash
    2. Let's also assume that your neighbor has the same exact home, BUT they have made some upgrades. Such as granite counter tops, new roof, new flooring, fresh paint, etc.
    3. And this particular neighbor just sold their house for $300k.

    This leads us to the conclusion that if we applied all of these upgrades to your house it would also be worth $300k.

    Pretty simple so far right?

    Now some simple math.

    [Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] - [Cost Of Repairs] - [Selling Costs] - [Minimum Profit]

    Let's break down each of these terms even further

    Your Offer: This is what we will present to you for your home as is

    After Repair Value (ARV): This is what the current market values your house after the repairs and upgrades are done BASED on what other similar homes in the area have recently sold for. YES, you can look up the recently sold homes in your area yourself and see exactly what we see

    Cost Of Repairs: The is the cost to repair/upgrade your home. Remember a lot of local cash home buyers do this themselves, or with crews they manage, to keep these costs down. Which means a better offer for you.

    Selling Costs: Although there is no cost to you when you sell your home there is still a cost on our end. And then there will be real estate agent fees to sell the home AFTER all the repairs/upgrades have been made. All in all this usually adds up to 10% of the home sale price (again this is something you do not have to pay when you work with us.

    Minimum Profit: Yes this is a business and ourselves and the local investors we work with want to keep the lights on and help our employees take care of their families. BUT we only work with local cash buyers who focus more on volume than 1 off maximum profit deals. This allows them to keep their employees staffed all year long rather than worrying about when the next huge profit is going to come in. This is not only a great business model for us to partner with but also a HUGE win for you because you get the most fair market value cash offer for your home as possible.

    Please Just give Me The Basics

    The current market value of your home (after repairs & upgrades) minus ALL of our costs (including profit) will be your fair market all cash offer.

    Still don't Believe That's How We Do It. Here Is A Real Life Case Study Of One Of Our Home.

    Using the same example as above you and your neighbor have two identical homes (or as close to identical as possible sq ft wise). 

    Your neighbor has just sold their house for $300k BUT they have done a lot of upgrades compared to what your house has. Granite countertops, new floors, new AC, new roof, upgraded bathroom, etc. 

    So when you come to us with your home we would look at your neighbors house and say that the fully remodeled version of YOUR home would be worth $300k. 

    Now with just some basic research of your home we can come up with a number of how much it will cost in order to bring your house up to that $300k value. 

    Let’s say that number comes out to $70k. And remember that we do this for a living and have crews that work year round so our cost of $70k would most likely be over $100k retail if you were to go out and get a quote for this yourself. 

    After that we would factor in 10% of the sale price in closing costs, realtor fees, taxes, etc. Which comes out to $30k. 

    Then, yes, we need to turn a profit. We work just like you do in order to support our families and we love what we do. But in the end there needs to be enough left over to keep the lights on and pay all of our great staff a decent salary so they to can continue to do what they love. 

    Our profit for this project will be $40k. And remember that full house remodels don’t happen over night. They take weeks and weeks worth of work. 

    At this point we would have our all cash offer to present to you. With a $300k post remodel value - $70k in remodeling costs - $30k in taxes and fees - $40k in profits we would make an offer for $160k cash. 

    And remember that our offer is for you to simple walk away. Hands off simple and easy. 

    And we will be fully transparent during this entire process. We operate under the assumption that numbers don’t lie. Even if you are shocked and think our offer is way too low to accept we have put everything out there for you to see. 

    That’s why we came up with the name Cash Savvy Home Buyers. We know our markets and make real fair value cash offers based on just that numbers. 

    BUT there is another option for you and we will always be open to discuss it with you. 

    Say you just want to sell your home in the condition it is but with a realtor. It’s your home and this is a great option. 

    Remember we said that retail upgrade costs would be around $100k. So with an after upgrade value of $300k your house would be valued as is around $200k. 

    Then you need to factor in the same 10% closing and fees cost that we have which will be $20k. 

    After that there is the possibility that your home could sit on the market for 90 days+. And a lot of things can happen in that time frame. Changes in the market, natural disasters, etc. 

    But let’s just say you get an offer for $200k within the first 30 days. That offer is contingent on the buyer possible qualifying for a loan, getting your house inspected. Most likely asking for certain things to be fixed or repaired, or even lowering the price of your offer to leave them as is. 

    And after all that your home needs to appraise for the value that you are selling it at (if the buyer is utilizing a mortgage to purchase it)

    These are all real possibilities that happen all of the time. 

    So in a perfect world you could sell your home as is for $200k - $20k (closing costs and fees) and get $180k for your home. And that is $20k more than what we offered. 

    So the question you have to ask yourself is it worth $20k to go through the process yourself or would you rather take the quick and easy cash for $20k less. 

    Again you can’t fake math and the numbers always tell the real story. 

    It is your home and 100% your choice. We just want to be able to lay out all of your options for you so that you can make the best choice. That is all we care about. 

    If you decide to sell it yourself then more power to you. No hard feelings at all and we would even be able to give you some 100% free suggestions on how to do so. 

    That’s how we do business because we care about the communities and the local investors that we work with. The best solution for you as a local home owner usually leads to best outcome for the rest of the community. 

    We don’t make our offers based on whatever sort of situation you are in. Your business is exactly that, YOURS. We just run the numbers and give you the best offer possible. And we do this 100% of the time. 

    Cash Savvy Home Buyers is in the volume business, not the maximize profits business. The more homes we do the better we do. So it would be in or best interest to get a deal done with everyone that contacts us. 

    And we can’t do that by making low ball offers. We would constantly be getting turned down and eventually not be able to continue to do what we love as a business. 

    This is a real home that we made a deal to buy for cash and you can see that the owner wanted to sell it fast and didn’t want to go through all the hoops and hassles. 

    “I found Cash Savvy Home Buyers through a google search and after going through their website decided to reach out through their contact form. I was in a position where I wanted to sell my house quickly and had heard some of the stories of how much of a process it is to do it yourself. The staff at Cash Savvy Home Buyers laid out of all of my options and broke down all of the numbers in regards to the cash offer they made. They was never the aspect of a hard sell on their part and in the end I took their offer, closed in 15 days, and couldn’t be more happy.”

    As you can tell we got another satisfied customer which is always our goal. And you can too. You wouldn’t be on our website if you didn’t consider selling your home for a fast cash offer. 

    So go ahead and give us a shot to prove to you that we are as real as we say. There’s nothing to lose except maybe an hour of your time going over your 100% transparent offer. And if you don’t like it then you are still free to make whatever choice you want with YOUR home. 

    Here Are Some Of The Main Questions That We Usually Get

    Selling your house by owner is completely possible. It will take a lot of research and work but may be worth it if that is what you are willing to do. 

    What Are The Closing Costs If You Do Sell By Owner?

    Even when selling your property yourself there will still be closing costs. These could include attorney fees, closing costs, holding costs, title insurance, escrow costs, and upkeep of your home as long as you still own it. However you can avoid real estate agent fees and commissions. 

    We Are Cash Home Buyers

    Cash Savvy Home Buyers. We are house cash buyers. We eliminate all of the hassles and pitfalls that come with the traditional way of selling your home. We don’t have depend on bank approvals because we use our own cash to fund your transaction. We can buy your home as is and we can close fast. No clean up, repairs, inspections, etc. Because we are not real estate agents we have no intention of listing your house or charging any agent fees or commissions. We are ready to buy your house right now and close as fast as possible. And this whole process starts by simple filling out our simple form. 

    Here at Cash Savvy Home Buyers we are all about honestly and transparency. We will walk you though the entire process start to finish so that you feel as comfortable as possible. And this all starts with breaking down how the process works, the timeframe it will take, and what to expect with your end result. If you need to sell your home fast we believe that we are the best option. Remember we will buy your house as is right now. No matter what condition it is in. Even if you are facing foreclosure we can help. So don’t wait. Go ahead and fill out our simple form and allow us to get to work for you. 

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